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03/10/2013 Nico Vascellari, Ermenegildo Zegna Boutique, 80-84 Rue du Rhone, Geneva

Weaving together strips of material from his own and friends’ clothing, Nico Vascellari (1976) made a sort of liana that he fixed to a metal structure. The artist defines it as an “emotional cord” that “symbolizes a relationship and poetically recreates the essence of a garment”. Before installing it in Geneva, the artist used it in a daring performance: he climbed up the liana on the walls of the building where he has his studio.

The work is the first episode of the ZegnArt / Art in Global Stores program; a cycle of permanent creations for major Zegna stores commissioned from prominent mid-career artists for the most important Zegna stores, building up through the years to a diffused collection. In 2013 and 2014 ZegnArt / Art in Global Stores will focus exclusively on Italian artists.