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25/02/2015 Stefano Arienti, Ermenegildo Zegna Global Store Ginza

Stefano Arienti (1961, Asola, Mantua) is the Italian artist invited by ZegnArt to create a special work of art for the Ginza Global Store.
Arienti has created a large painting that translates the essential features of the image in a delicate path of golden signs on a big white sheet of polyurethane plastic, the same material that is typically used to cover scaffolding. If the support of the work is consistent with Arienti’s taste for industrial materials, and not canonized by the history of art, the choice to use an amateur photograph (taken by the artist himself) as a starting point references the idea that is central in all his work: a “demographic” and horizontal approach to the contemporary universe of images. Finally, the sublimation of the initial image in a refined harmony of white and gold is an homage by Arienti to a visual culture that has always fascinated him: the Far East and Japan in particular.

Watch the interview with Stefano Arienti about the ZegnArt commission