ZegnArt is a working group composed of the pre-existing company structure and expert consultants from the art world who collaborate in an ongoing fashion with the various projects. Please use the address below only to request information on ZegnArt projects.


For general enquiries: zegnart@zegnart.com ZegnArt via Savona, 56/a 20144 Milan, Italy

Press Office Paola C. Manfredi

Via Marco Polo, 4 20124 Milan, Italy T: +39 0287238000 F: +39 0287238014 press@paolamanfredi.com paola.manfredi@paolamanfredi.com

Press Release

25/02/2015 PK_ZegnArt Art in Global Stores – Arienti – Ginza DOWNLOAD
PK_ZegnArt Art in Global Stores – Spalletti – Miami DOWNLOAD
31/07/2014 PK_ZegnArt Art in Global Stores – Camoni – Osaka DOWNLOAD
03/10/2013 PK_ZegnArt Art in Global Stores – Vascellari – Geneva DOWNLOAD
01/03/2012 PK_ZegnArt Public India DOWNLOAD
26/11/2012 PK_ZegnArt Public India DOWNLOAD
22/03-23/09/2012 PK_ZegnArt Special Project MAXXI Orta DOWNLOAD
06/03/2012 PK_ZegnArt Launch DOWNLOAD


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