Public is a multi-year series of commissions and residencies based on the principle of dialogue and exchange with emerging countries and their institutions; it is a program that sees contemporary art as a model of growth and development, capable of fostering dialogue and interaction between social and cultural contexts that are very different from each other. ZegnArt Public’s mission is to explore this spectrum of possibilities in a wide range of areas.
Linking together the ideas of a commission for a public artwork and a fellowship, Public works to promote a new kind of dialogue and cultural cross-pollination through contemporary art.
After identifying the country in which to establish a partnership, the project undertakes two parallel paths: one is centered on commissioning a public artwork to be created by a mid-career artist from the chosen country in collaboration with a local institution of international standing, and then donating it to the community; the other, at funding a four-month residency for a young artist from the same country, who is invited to spend a period of study at a prestigious cultural institution in Italy.
ZegnArt Public is a format conceived by Cecilia Canziani and Simone Menegoi, who curate the various editions of the initiative in collaboration with Andrea Zegna, the project coordinator. The team also works in synergy with the artistic director of the partner cultural institution.


March - June 2013, Mumbai

Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum

Reena Kallat, Untitled (Cobweb/Crossing)


September - December...