The Project

ZegnArt is the platform that brings together all of the Ermenegildo Zegna Group’s activities in the field of contemporary art.
ZegnArt is based on the group’s involvement in every stage of the project and of the individual initiatives, and is conceived as an undertaking that is separate, yet congruent with the activities of Fondazione Zegna, keeping up a family and company tradition that began with its founder, Ermenegildo Zegna. The goal of ZegnArt is to create a virtuous circle that offers fertile ground for the intersection of two worlds, business and culture.
ZegnArt grows out of the conviction that investing in culture means investing in the human capital of information and knowledge, in the social capital of relationships and trust, and in the symbolic capital of identity and recognition. It is a tool capable of generating new ideas, forming ties and opportunities for dialogue with stakeholders both inside and outside the company, generating value for itself and for the community, in Italy and abroad.
ZegnArt is divided into three main areas, each with its own mission, sphere of action and curatorial structure: Public, Art in Global Stores, and Special Projects.
This three-pronged approach helps identify the specific aspects of each section, making them easier for the public to grasp, highlighting their differences, and presenting the Group’s commitment to contemporary art as a series of varied yet coordinated actions, expressing a single, consistent vision.

Public is a multi-year series of commissions and residencies based on the principle of dialogue and exchange with emerging countries...
Art in Global Stores is a special line of action based on a decentralized collection concept. It consists in a series of commissions for works by artists of international standing, inspired...
Special Projects is an umbrella for initiatives whose characteristics and modes of action fall outside the sphere of Public and Art in Global Stores, which grow out of specific contexts...